Baby’s First Christmas

I thought I’d just share some bullet points of the highs and lows of our first Christmas as a family of three.


  • First giggles – playing with “Uncle” Sam.  Penny just loves getting bounced, jiggled and tickled.
  • Visit from Uncle Jason all the way from the Cayman Islands.
  • Loves the new robot toy and the yellow sensory ball with many nubs to chew and suck on!  At four months, everything goes in the mouth.
  • Spending time with the whole family on Christmas Day.  And mom loved the fact that the family did all the cooking this year – made it easier to focus on the baby and her multitude of needs.
  • Lunch out at Earls on New Years Eve day – Penny loved watching all of the people walk by and smiling at them.
  • The waiting room at Public Health – Penny was chatting up a storm at all of the other babies and kids.


  • Vacillating between sleeping long stretches (4-6 hours) and waking every hour and a half – keeping a tired mommy on her toes and never able to plan much.
  • Teething pains have begun, as has the drool rash on her cheeks.
  • Discovering her voice is both a high and a lo – she makes the sweetest coos and sounds, but lately she’s started to shriek this ear piercing yowl that makes our ears buzz.  She’s not in distress, just seeming to be experimenting with her voice.  Here’s hoping that this is just a very short phase!
  • The 4-month vaccinations – Penny did not enjoy getting poked, and was tremendously fussy in the days following the vaccines.

Here are some photos from our holidays:

Meeting Santa – baby was lucky enough to get a private audience with the big guy on their first meeting!


Spending time with friends at Mom and Dad’s Christmas Party:




Christmas Eve morning – loving the new hat knitted by a neighbour:


Opening gifts on Christmas Eve with mom and dad:





Our little clan: family photo


Christmas with mom’s family:


Walk with mom and dad on a sunny Christmas morning – our new Christmas morning tradition:



Christmas Day dinner with both families – time with grandparents, auntie and cousin:23954258191_d071d869a9_o






At 4 months old, Christmas for Penny has been all about starring at the Christmas tree and lights, meeting Santa, and having a great time with family playing with her.  It’s all a bit of a sensory blur I’m sure.  Next year, she’ll be able to help unwrapping!